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allen marcus

Occulted Jestering A-mature Humoredian Wizard Seeking Metaphysical Truth

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#wsw 230 white horse cometh 2023andME dye electric

#wsw 229 prophetically feedforward to the bone zone

The Weaving Spiders Welcome Webbers learn the importance of Human Resources as they discover Corporations will work them to the bone if they don't get a job instead.

The concept of electronic mail is further explored as an essential communication too.

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Weaving Spiders Welcome are back in number 226.

#wsw 226 vegas thieves jims leather grieves

The Most Offensive Bird Name Contest and strange Scientific attempts to reconcile lost and found TIME.

222 spirit of the aligned

221 with Wayne McRoy 
Wayne discusses his new material on lucifer prince of the air.

September 2nd 2023 WSW stream is complete and uncensored on Rokfin:

new ride blue moon fire fight

[The YouTube stream replay has sections removed.]

weaving spiders saturday with special guest brian staveley

Streamed live on Aug 12, 2023

Dose of Reality host first joined in:

#89 admiral nelson's naval unintelligence wavy gravy boat
with special guest brian staveley
Streamed live on Jul 23, 2022

2023 is crazier than you think wsw promo video

Weaving Spiders Welcome presents

FlowState # milkman machine elves: peripheral visionaries

on Weaving Spiders Webs YouTube (our backup channel)

the prolific artist R.Marx 

creator of art for Pink Floyd, String Cheese Incident, many others

reveals a story of Biblical Nimrod the Younger and Elder, wearing Adam's skin, acting as SKINWALKER --

only on FlowState # milkman machine elves: peripheral visionaries

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Join Robby Marx as we Delve Deep into those area's the Mind wouldn't usually Venture, the Unknown Realms, Other Dimensions, Extra-terrestrial, Interdimensional, Esoteric, Cryptids, The Occult, Hidden History, Conspiracies, Secret Societies, Mythology etc

WeavingSpidersWelcome presents

The future of intimate relations with inanimate silicone human shaped love dolls revealed in

#wsw 206 sex dolls, 7 Sacrificial chickens, 1 syringe of GRAVY

with Chris Snipes and Hunter Muse of The Melt.

The future of intimate relations with inanimate silicone human shaped love dolls revealed!

The Melt Tenets:

  1. Cognitive Libertarianism
  2. The Importance of First Hand Experience
  3. Ontological Anarchy
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Process
  6. Practical Real-Time Magic
  7. Boundary Dissolution

The Melt is a podcast that incapsulates all of the experiences that fall outside of the spectrum of consensus reality. Whether these be drug experiences, paranormal experiences, or religious experiences. The Melt values the lost importance of first hand experience. Not everything can be quantified, measured, or repeated in a laboratory. Some things only happen in a spontaneous and immediate fashion and are not subject to repetition on demand. There is a vast expanse of phenomena that Western society and it’s institutions don’t see as valuable or worthy of exploration. The Melt does.

WeavingSpidersWelcome 202 Beasts & Foul Feathered Friends; Communications & Slang the Yeti Speaks

Katherine from joins The Spiders with communication from the animals we love and cherish.

#60 - Allen Marcus - Occulted Jestering A-mature Humoredian Wizard Seeking Metaphysical Truth

Loco Listens to Allen Marcus talk about Scream Masks, Bible Camp Sinners seeking Fruitopia Punches after Lights Out, and not chickening out in the presence of Poultry Geists?!

A very personal interview exploring the paranormal history of Allen Marcus.

WeavingSpidersWelcome 196 Nootropic Tabernanthe cybermance iBOGA neutrois HBIGDA (Power 2 the Potato)

WeavingSpidersWelcome Loves You 

relax in the web

And now for something you've all been waiting for . . .

Fantasy role play adventure!

Rising From the Ashes Podcast featuring our first crawl to birth a new emergent storytelling interactive experience.

Watch our recorded encounter with character introductions and dastardly denouement.

191 & 105 Clonade Maid Clitoraid ooh lah lah Isræleans (crossing the streams)

Rael and Ye and crazy symbolism in a science romance fictional realm of the imagination!

New Appearance Alert!

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[Rising From The Ashes] SUNDAY SLOW BURN - Wizards of Antiquity   #risingFromTheAshes 

Watch the video version on YouTube.

Famous Wizards throughout History- Ancient Druids/Ireland & King Solomon

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#99 9X9 pre-millenial dread balloons squared moonfull party
 may be blocked in your country. Please watch the replay on Rokfin.

Episode 100 a.k.a c


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This Stuff Works!

"There’s a useful acronym in occult circles, TSW—the polite version of its meaning is “this stuff works”—

and everyone who’s ever taught magic to novices is used to the inevitable TSW panic,

the vertiginous moment at which the student finally grasps that there’s more to magic than make-believe,

and usually has to be talked down from a state close to hysteria."

- John Michael Greer

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technobrat Emily Moyer a viral sensation!

Mandela Effect or Mandala Affect, man?


weaving spiders welcome

Serving up doses of critical thought, laughter, and just what is "true" anymore

Featuring ruthlessly unpopulist takes whilst picking the minds of the best Authors, Researchers, Musicians, Philosophers, Content Creators, Artists, and more.

Synchronicities, The Occult, Paranormal, Parapolitics, Geopolitics, Philosophy, Religion, History are the focus here.


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My Weaving Spiders welcome journey began on episode 30 and continued into 31.

30: Allen Marcus Part 1 | Men of Renowned Traversing a Flat Earth

31: Allen Marcus | Feminine Napkin Reading (Bath)room Stall 

86: prune priques circle jerques merciful sisters sinful art newdveau

Here's a short clip:

#49 Jerry Marzinsky, Shaman & Mystic of mental health

Join the Wrench Crew during our livestreams.

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Media Guest Appearances

allen marcus (that's me!) appears as a serious host to deliver his unique perspective on culture.

Links may be "dead". Nothing lasts forever. 

July 14, 2020

I talked to Shep about the coin shortage in the USA and who is hoarding the change.

The Shepard Ambellas Show #16: Allen Marcus -- Coin shortage, exact change, currency reset, and more

Shepard Ambellas
Founder of Intellihub News & Politics, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, entrepreneur, adventurist, opinion journalist, activist, filmmaker and more.

Listen Free on YouTube:

June 9, 2021

After my first guest spot on Weaving Spiders Welcome, Chance of Innerverse reached out to me for an interview.

Allen Marcus | PODs, Dogefathers, & Neverending Stories - Swimming In Synchromystic Streams

InnerVerse is a podcast designed to fuel your imagination with weekly inspiration from Chance Garton.

"Allen Marcus is a hermit-ec/syncromystic truth sluther. As heir-etics to the status quo reality, Allen and I take you through deep networks of neural processes and narrative pathways. In this rambling conversation, we seek to empower the theater of your imagination, and affirm your suspicions that everything is connected to everything."

Listen Free on YouTube:

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allen marcus on innerverse

October 8, 2021

My second appearance on Innerverse.

Allen Marcus & Slick Dissident | A Thrice Great Fire For The Common Cold War

"Today I will be joined by fellow fire sign freedom fighters Allen Marcus and Gabriel (aka Slick Dissident) for some hot syncro-mystic decode action. Flow is the only agenda, but when you swim live-streams of consciousness with Strength like these two firemen carry, the gnosis will surely drip like honey combs in the kingdom of Bee-ing."

Watch Free on Rokfin. A wonderful place for creators to speak from the heart without self censoring.


January 6th, 2022

My first conversation with Nathan Lee Miller Foster.

Six Of Cups 106

Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte and Allen Marcus of Weaving Spiders - in - "Matrix IV: Resurrections - Breaking Down The Rabbit Hole"

JANUARY 6TH, 2022 | 03:33:33 | E106

Weaving Spiders Welcome Episode 66

Movie Excitement Reel gif

Conspiracy Cinema

[These links may have expired.]

March 15th, 2022

My first appearance on Conspiracy Cinema!

Conspiracy Cinema — Uncovering the hidden messages and modern relevance of Hollywood films.

Conspiracy Cinema - Episode 004 - Network

Network Allen and Cassie join Conspiracy Cinema for a watch along and discussion of Network directed by Sidney Lumet. This 1976 film takes us behind the scenes at a news station and foreshadows televangelism and 24/7 cable news in the following decade. News anchor, Howard Beale, may be "mad as hell" but do modern audiences have an attention span long enough to do anything about it?

Conspiracy Cinema - 008 - The Keep

Allen Marcus and McGonegle join Conspiracy Cinema for a watch along and discussion of The Keep directed by Michael Mann. In 1941, a group of Nazi's unlock a dark spirit hidden beneath a stone fortress. After the director, Michael Mann, delivered his 3.5 hour film, the studio released a 90 minute version, leaving many to wonder what was left on the cutting room floor.


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was I my own Buddy Christ, man?

 was I bi-located sun of God in my dream paralysis ? 

The Buddy Christ is a smiling, cartoonish depiction of Jesus Christ who is holding both hands up and giving the thumbs up and winking.

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This is not the end of it is the next chapter in a neverending story.